10am to 12pm from 26th. June, 

If you wanted be soaked in Indian vibe (with breath work& meditation) and if you wanted breakdown of basic yoga postures(asana) with philosophical or back story explanations, please come and join me. We will use several mantras during Asana practice and learn how to use yoga posture related to self-healing (chakra activation/seven main nadi(chi) centers). Apparently it would be semi-dynamic but since there will be a breakdown and explanation of each posture, first time beginners can also enjoy the class. We will start with traditional sun salutation with breakdown after a few stretching. Duration is two hours but you won't feel it is long  because between asana(postures) we will do breathwork and a short meditation (2min to 5min) to get in touch with our body. Asana practice is a part of the preparation for a nice  meditation so we will also meditate from time to time between asana(posture). We will try yogic way meditation, focusing on the 3rd eye(between eye brows). You may have your own meditation skill so either you try the old yogic way or your own way which is fine. The end of the class we will do 10 min final meditation. Even if you never had a meditation in your life, the collective energy will support you to go deep within. It is going to be a fun and a deep journey.

* There are so many branches of yoga and so many different types of teachers. The variety and diversity of yoga in the modern world attracts a lot of people and I myself also happened to be exposed in this flow.  I may attract specific people as my way is also specific but it would be nice that I meet my soul tribe who seek for something similar.


The space is big enough to hold around fifty people,

What you need to bring?  Yoga mat +A shawl or a thin blanket to cover your body during savasana.  

Before you attend the class, you may want to check the breath techniques & Sivananda

style sun salutation below.

- anuloma viloma

- kapalabhati

Sun Salutation: Sivananda style