Yoga Class;

 We need some time to have a great affair with the self before we entertain any other human relationships. Otherwise we would pass our emotional baggage onto someone we love. Why don't we just stop everything for an hour to feel and to see where we are now?  Breathe, release and nurture your body and mind so we can enjoy this intense human journey with a smile together.


 We will use several mantras during Asana(posture) practice. Some chanting music will be used during class to evoke sattvic (pure state of nature) quality in us  and to create sacred atmosphere. We will learn how to use yoga posture related to self-healing (chakra activation/seven main nadi(chi) centers), and how to cleanse our nadi(energy channel) via breakwork. Tues class will be semi dynamic but since there will be a breathwork between postures, first time beginners can also enjoy the class. Sat class is designed for someone who wants to release stress in gentle manners and do postures in a meditative status. We do more stretching with breakdown of each posture on sat class. Personally I think the combination of  breathwork and a short meditation with yoga is ideal to bring out our light. I hope the practitioners in my class taste India, the india I touched and met, and there we may face the self.

 Even if you never had a meditation in your life, the collective energy will support you to go deep within. When you suddenly stop moving and sit still between asana(postures), you would be able to enjoy the radical contrast (a deep chilling silence). It is going to be a fun and a deep journey. 

* There are so many branches of yoga and so many different types of teachers. The variety and diversity of yoga in the modern world attracts a lot of people and I myself also happened to be exposed in this flow.  I may attract specific people as my way is also specific but it would be nice that I meet my soul tribe who seek for freedom on the road.

What do you need to bring? A shawl or a thin blanket to cover your body during savasana.  

Photos are from open air summer class, to check the studio hall, pls check

Check it out the place,

It is an English book publishing, cultural community with food and events in town.

Before you attend the class, you may

want to check the breath techniques 

- anuloma viloma

- kapalabhati

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