10am to 12pm from 26th. June til September

How is your life? Do you feel stuck?  

When was last time you had a quality talk with yourself? How is your relationship with yourself? Instead of giving too much attention to someone else, why don't you ask yourself how you are doing, and do something to make 'the self' happy?    

 Yoga is designed to reconnect your mind to your body and your heart. It's originated from ancient yogic wisdom, means it is universal not just for Hindu or Indian. Physical postures will help you to slow down the thought process and boost 'chi' ,'energy' but if you consciously breath with a natural flow and add a clear intention into your movement, you may experience not just physical strength, but also 'Sattvic status' at the end of the class. In other words, you feel some purity and serenity in your mind. We live with others, interacting exchanging energy and emotions even in the air. What most people don't know is that we often mistakenly take other's thoughts and feelings as if it is ours. Thoughts are not only coming from our own minds, they are also everywhere in our living space. Strong emotions and especially negative thoughts and feelings are contagious. We don't want to absorb any pollution in us therefore we constantly need to cleanse and release them to know what I truly feel and truly want in our lives.

 We will use several mantras during Asana(posture) practice and learn how to use yoga posture related to self-healing (chakra activation/seven main nadi(chi) centers), and how to cleanse our nadi(energy channel) via breakwork. Apparently it would be a bit dynamic but since there will be a breakdown and explanation of each posture, first time beginners can also enjoy the class. Duration is two hours but you won't feel it is long  because between asana(postures) we will do breathwork and a short meditation (2min to 5min). The end of the class we will do 10 min final meditation. Even if you never had a meditation in your life, the collective energy will support you to go deep within. It is going to be a fun and a deep journey.

* There are so many branches of yoga and so many different types of teachers. The variety and diversity of yoga in the modern world attracts a lot of people and I myself also happened to be exposed in this flow.  I may attract specific people as my way is also specific but it would be nice that I meet my soul tribe who seek for something similar.

What you need to bring?  Yoga mat +A shawl or a thin blanket to cover your body during savasana.  

How to get:  If you get lost inside the building complex(CAMP), pls either find 'Cafe Emauzy' or  the entrance of 'Emmaus church' (not the entrance of monastery). Emmaus church has very particular roof, you can't miss it even in the distance. As you see the photo below, the yoga spot is facing the church. 

Before you attend the class, you may

want to check the breath techniques 

- anuloma viloma

- kapalabhati

yoga in CAMP.jpg