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It is uncertain time and the stagnated energy in us needs to be released and flow again. We may need to retreat to our inner world before we move forward. Without observing our inside, coming out and raising voice to the world wouldn't work for both of us nor the others. I support healers, teachers
and people who are ready to help themselves. Come and join for this community, if you go through financial crisis, but need some mental sanity through yoga, please contact me and ask for help.  You are not alone.


About Me 


"I'm not remarkable but remarkably a human"

Born in Seoul in Dec, 1977. I grew up in a Catholic family but my grandparents and whole atmosphere in my childhood was soaked in buddhist Culture. I had such a mixed culture back home. Whether we as Koreans, came from such diverse backgrounds as orthodox Christians, Buddhists or even atheist families, in my culture we always believed there is some higher force existing behind the scenes. 


I began to practice hatha yoga and hot yoga in 2010. Although I had never ever thought of traveling to India, I unexpectedly happened to visit India in 2012. There I found Yoga (not just the postural yoga we know), the way of living and as a philosophy. I had to admit that Yoga, which is originated from Hinduism, is quite comfortable in my skin. 


Through frequent long Indian trips since 2012, I fell in love with meditation, yoga and energy work.

I had this lazy tamas. * One of three tendencies or qualities of nature, including the human mind. There are three gunas: Sattva(goodness), Rajas(activeness) and Tamas (Darkness). Guna is a concept in Hinduism and Sikhism, however it is commonly used in Yoga Philosophy. Ordinary humans all have three gunas but ideally we want to increase our Sattvic quality and reduce the Tamasic quality. This lazy tendency was quite heavy in me since my teenage years. Every time I wanted to be productive, I ended up sleeping too long or I couldn't control my napping habit and it lead me to a state of self-doubt. This could have been the main reason why I began to stick to Asana (posture) yoga practice at first. The biggest fear that I had was that I would become lazy and stuck in my head and yoga helped me to move forward. The love towards meditation followed much later though. I won't bore you by telling you all the trivial stories here. In short, I found practicing yoga gave a good mix for my meditation practice;  I often fell asleep as soon as I sat for a meditation. Even average food consumption immediately lead me to sluggishness, and like a drunken man I had to fight against sleepiness. This weakness in me also lead me to a regular fasting habit. When my stomach was empty I had better concentration and digesting food consumed so much energy.

My great fondness towards meditation began when I experienced 'mental clarity'.

Without fighting against everything around me, I simply discovered new ways of seeing things. That 'aha' moment gave me a deep understanding about my true nature. From that moment on, I looked for various methods to withdraw my mind from externalities and turn within. In short, I had to find a great 'play' for my mind, and chi gong, reiki, prana or whatever we called it, this presence of sensational heat or the energy current in my body, helped my mind to be more focused.

As a result, I’ve been into practicing energy works, asana yoga, and also weekly fasting for my mind control. And as I explained, in the end, they are all nice and useful tools to make me be ready for good and enriching meditation.

More often than not, I am asked the same question by many, about why I am so harsh to myself. I thought about these matters a lot and I asked myself 'What is wrong to be a bit lazy and what is wrong to be just hanging out..' Let me put it this way, I used to be a book nerd, I loved all types of books when I was a teen and some books gave me a long headache whilst some books left a bitter taste in my mouth. Later on, I came to realize that certain types of books give me mental clarity, opening new horizons in my world. I decided to choose long lasting pleasures over a short pleasures, which brought me very down after a while. I just wanted to be wiser after the ups and downs of life's experiences, which originated from my clumsy and impulsive choices in life situations. In short, I've become selective to conserve my time and energy. Ofcourse any extreme is not wise for average people like me, because at any point, my mind could explode if I suppressed it or pushed it too much. Not losing balance is the key for the long term success and I've learned that in the last few years. And to be honest with you, I'm still learning how to be more balanced.

Every meditation is different and we go through phases, so sometimes we totally miss our meditation in our lives out of boredom or it is simply difficult to take some time out of busy schedules. Feeling strong energetic sensations (your hands getting hot, you feel each organ, feeling certain vibes etc.), seeing various colors between your eyebrow (yogic) or focus on your heart, all somehow aid your meditation to focus on and keep your awareness. Have you ever heard 'sound meditation' 'breathing meditation' 'mantra meditation' etc ? They are all in the same line. We want our mind to be very focused until it becomes very, very subtle and there we face the portal, the gateway to enter our true self, the heart.


When you meditate or do certain spiritual practices, your mind becomes very sharp, you begin to see or sense even subtle energy fields. Basically everything in this world is energy, so believe or not, you catch other’s thoughts and emotion involuntarily in daily life. It is quite a natural process that you become more alert and happen to know things which people don’t notice because you don’t only rely on your physical senses, you also begin to use subtle sense (you can call it the sixth sense if it is hard to understand). Here I simplified and skipped all terms and explanations because you would learn all this gradually by studying also some scriptures (books) or practicing meditation etc. You develop sharp sensitivities about your surroundings and about your own body. This kind of antenna-like ultra sense would be developed and with your mind power you create certain energy. That is why healing your body is kind of by-product. Remember, where awareness goes, energy flows. It is totally natural because when you meditate, you feel your body more than anytime and when your mind becomes silent, you feel each part of your organ more sensitively. Your body knows things more than your mind knows and when your mind gets quiet, you can catch the signals which you couldn’t hear whilst you were busy interacting with the world outside of your own body. There are so many different technics and ways to practice meditation but we need to find our own ways which would perfectly suit us, and personally, I found the yogic way of meditation, combined with energy work is quite easy for my active mind to slow down. I was born with a very annalistic mind and sometimes my mind gets very active and restless. Therefore this way I could calm down my mind, especially dynamic yoga helps me to stop my mind to wander around for a while. Once when I’m in the zone, I feel the strong presence of energy around me, and if the other people around me are open, the energy somehow supports the others to move into deeper meditation. It works by itself. Real yoga (the union with the self) is a mystery. Yoga is not something you do with only physical activities. It is like you are in the zone and you suddenly realize ‘I’ don’t know whether ‘I’ am in the body or outside of the body. We are talking about something vast here. More vast than this physical form.

What does meditation do for me ?

Through meditations we constantly discover our own blind spots. I just create a certain atmosphere and support to let the person catch the flow, so we find how to enter our own hearts. However, I notice that we have a tendency to think that without much effort we can imagine or dream, somehow things would happen by time and suddenly we know who we are and experience Samadhi. Well, let’s say, to learn English I had to meet a lot of English teachers and went to different schools for many years, and even to learn yoga asana I met about a hundred yoga teachers in the last ten years. But how come when it comes to 'Find out our true identity' which would give you stable, unshakable inner peace, we think, we don’t need to study much ? In the last eight years, every winter I spent my time in the ashram or went to different temples, but every time, I tried hard to find some answers for my life and my teacher pointed out my heart. What she’d done for me was, created situations or certain atmosphere to drag me and force (?) me to face my own shadow, and my own heart which I feared the most in my life. That is why we eagerly look for food, shopping, TV, friends, parties and lovers. We are simply scared of seeing our own feelings and the truth. How long had I also avoided it ? I tried my best to scatter my mind and was diving into all types of things. We all know the heart has all the answers. The only thing is how to enter the heart, how to listen, how to withdraw our scattered minds to focus on and silence them. It is a life-time journey and I love to find my tribe and my community where we would support eachother on our Dharma, without wasting much time wandering around. So being a guide for meditation and yoga would be an excellent way to call my tribe out. So here I am. Come and join me for the journey.